Some couples want to show off their love to the world and others prefer to keep it a private affair.  Over the weekend at our chapel we officiated for two couples who wanted privacy. They were kind enough to allow photos of their hands displaying shiny new wedding rings.
One of our couple's family members re-created this cake, inspired by one they'd found on Pinterest. We think they did a masterful job and it made their mini-reception, following the wedding at our chapel, very special!
Most couples we serve are happy to share a photo or two for our website or Facebook page, but occasionally there's a shy couple who would prefer not. And we certainly respect that. Some will consent to an anonymous back view shot, or photo of just their hands. Whether sharing this joyful occasion only with each other and a small circle of friends and family, or "shouting to the world" on social media, we honor your wishes to be Wedded Your Way.

Some have a whirlwind courtship, and others have a whirlwind wedding. Two weddings booked with me last week, each with only two days’ notice. One young couple, Katelyn and Shane with a darling 4-year-old boy, Charlie, opted for our chapel setting. The guest list was pushing 20, which is our capacity, including a number of small children.  I expected a bit of a zoo, though I love kids and, in fact, have 5 grandkids of my own.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well-supervised and well-behaved they all were. 

The other couple, Sonia and Terry, was fortunate to have close friends who hosted their wedding at their lovely West Linn home, which boasts a gorgeous view of the Willamette River flowing just beyond their backyard.  That wedding was so typical of life—the sun broke through the clouds and “smiled” on us just as we began.  Moments later, the neighbor started up his noisy lawn mower.  It was a small demonstration of the vows about accepting the good with the bad. 

Best wishes to both of our last week’s whirlwind couplesand Sonia and Terry, for a lifetime of happiness!